Tip 44. Development isn’t what you think in Portuguese

Today it seems like everyone is developing something of one kind or another. Innovators develop new products, engineers develop software and projects are constantly being developed. In fact, the Portuguese equivalents of “development” and “to develop” are two of the 400 most frequent words in Portuguese. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just use the Spanish word desarrollo with a Brazilian accent and be done with it. In Portuguese, “development” is desenvolvimento and “to develop” is desenvolver.

Example 1:
English: I am a software development expert.
Spanish: Soy experto en el desarrollo de software.
Portuguese: Sou especialista no desenvolvimento de software.

Example 2:
English: Brazil is going to develop a new program to fight hunger.
Spanish: Brasil va a desarrollar un nuevo programa para luchar contra el hambre.
Portuguese: O Brasil vai desenvolver um novo programa para combater a fome.