Tip 43. One more false friend: Tirar

In Portuguese, tirar means “to remove, to take off”. So, Portuguese tirar is close to Spanish quitar, not to Spanish tirar. Spanish tirar may correspond to Brazilian Portuguese jogar fora (“to throw out”), atirar (“to shoot”).

English: Take off your shoes and put your feet in the water.
Spanish: Quítate los zapatos y pon los pies en el agua.
Portuguese: Tira o sapato e põe o pé na água.

Sound Brazilian! Note that often Brazilians use the singular to refer to something in the plural, like the example above: o sapato and o pé actually refer to “shoes” and “feet.”

Sound Brazilian! In Brazil, you will have many opportunities to take pictures–tirar fotos in Portuguese. If you want to ask someone to take your picture, say, “Você pode tirar uma foto?