Tip 34. Beware of largo, longo and longe!

Beware of these false friends. The Portuguese word largo corresponds to Spanish ancho (“wide, broad; loose”). Spanish largo is Portuguese longo (“long”), while Portuguese longe is Spanish lejos (“distant, far”). You can also say comprido in Portuguese for “long,” as in manga comprida (“long sleeves”).

Confused? The table below will help:

English Spanish Portuguese
wide, broad; loose ancho / -a largo / -a
long largo / -a longo / -a
distant, far lejos longe

Example 1:
English: Maracanã Avenue is wide.
Spanish: La avenida Maracanã es ancha.
Portuguese: A avenida Maracanã é larga.

Example 2:
English: The avenue is also long.
Spanish: La avenida también es larga.
Portuguese: A avenida também é longa/comprida.

Example 3:
English: But Maracanã Avenue is far from here.
Spanish: Pero la avenida Maracanã está lejos de aquí.
Portuguese: Mas a avenida Maracanã fica longe daqui.