Tip 14. A word with many meanings: Ficar

In Portuguese, the word ficar can have different meanings. Some of the most common meanings for ficar correspond to Spanish quedar(se), estar, ponerse.

Example 1:
English: We are going to stay at a hotel near the beach.
Spanish: Nos vamos a quedar en un hotel cerca de la playa.
Portuguese: Vamos ficar num hotel perto da praia.

Example 2:
English: Our hotel is far from the stadium.
Spanish: Nuestro hotel está lejos del estadio.
Portuguese: Nosso hotel fica longe do estádio.

Example 3:
English: When my team doesn’t win, I get sad.
Spanish: Cuando mi equipo no gana, me pongo triste.
Portuguese: Quando meu time não ganha, eu fico triste.