Tip 3. What do you have?

In Portuguese, “to have” is ter. If you want to say that you have something or ask someone what they have, use the following forms:

eu tenho a gente tem (nós temos)
você tem vocês têm
ele / ela tem eles / elas têm

Example 1:
English:  I have ten reais.
Spanish: Tengo diez reais.
Portuguese: Eu tenho dez reais.

Sound Brazilian! In Brazil, ter is also used to mean “there is” or “there are”.

Example 2:
English: There is a game today.
Spanish: Hay un partido hoy.
Portuguese: Tem um jogo hoje.

Example 3:
English: There are a lot of restaurants on this street.
Spanish: Hay muchos restaurantes en esta calle.
Portuguese: Tem muitos restaurantes nessa rua.

Sound Brazilian! Like with Spanish tener, Portuguese ter can be used to talk about something that you “have to do”.

Example 4:
English: I have to pay the bill.
Spanish: Tengo que pagar la cuenta.
Portuguese: Eu tenho que pagar a conta.