Tip 1. How do I say yo, tú, usted, etc. in Brazilian Portuguese?

Although some of these words in Portuguese sound similar to their Spanish equivalents, others are totally different. Memorize these and you’ll be ready to go.

Spanish Portuguese
yo eu
usted o senhor or a senhora
nosotros a gente and nós (less common)
vosotros vocês
ustedes vocês
él ele
ella ela
ellos eles
ellas elas

Sound Brazilian! Even though tu exists in Brazilian Portuguese, você is widely used. Stick with você and you’ll be fine.

Sound Brazilian! Most Brazilians use a gente to say nosotros. You should too.

Example 1:
English: We’re going to have dinner. Do you want to come with us?
Spanish: Vamos a cenar. ¿Quieres ir con nosotros?
Portuguese: A gente vai jantar. Você quer ir com a gente?

Example 2:
English: I’m a fan of the Spanish national team.
Spanish: Soy hincha de la selección de España. (common in Spain and Argentina)
Spanish: Yo le voy a la selección de España. (common in Mexico)
Portuguese: Eu torço pela seleção da Espanha.